Designing Brand Identity Fourth Edition

an essential guide for the whole branding team

Designing Brand Identity, 4th edition, is the number one global resource for brand builders. So whether you're the CEO, a visionary entrepreneur, the head of a branding firm, or the director of the design department, this book is for you. Read it on your iPad, your Kindle, and own the real book. Or read it in Chinese, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Designing Brand Identity is a recipe book for brand builders. Wheeler does for branding what Julia Child did for cooking.

Patricia Martin, Author, RenGen

One book, fourth edition, 336 pages.

Over 50% new content and 400 new illustrations.

3 sections: Brand fundamentals, Branding process, Best practices.

51 case studies that describe goals, process, strategy, solution and results.

Over 700 illustrations of brand touchpoints.

Over 100 checklists, tools, and diagrams.

More than 200 quotes from thought leaders, branding experts, ceos, and design gurus.

More than 100 subject spreads and 120 firms featured.

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Designing Brand Identity: an essential guide for the whole branding team, is now in its fourth edition, published by Wiley -- more than 50% new content.

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I have enjoyed a lifelong fascination with how people and organizations express who they are. My business is strategic imagination. My passion is brand identity.

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